Yeshe Vazquez

Behind the feelings…
Behind the thoughts…
Behind “me”…


Hello, I’m Yeshe
and I am grateful that you are here!

After a life-changing event in my early twenties, I set out on a quest for truth, and I came across the vast wisdom of the Buddha’s teachings as presented in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.
I immediately began to find the answers, the clarity, and even a step by step “road map” to healing, liberation and even full awakening. Deeply inspired by these teachings and the Buddhist path, I have directed my mind and life towards more deeply understanding and ultimately actualizing the qualities of compassion and wisdom that are at the heart of the Buddha’s teachings.

The “good news” I discovered is that Buddhism gives us a framework, a path, many tools, and various practices through which to work out our own existential situation, our own suffering, our own happiness and inner fulfillment.One of the reality checks that I encountered along the way, however, is that while the tradition, the teachings, and the teachers who are impart the teachings are extremely important for transmitting this ancient wisdom to us here and now, ultimately no one can do it for us and no mere conceptual adoption of or personal identification with any “ism” or philosophy will liberate our minds. We have to actually put the teachings into practice and transform our own hearts and minds.It was from this understanding that I decided to take on the joyful responsibility of walking the path with all my heart and being, in order to fully reap the benefits of these practices for myself and others.I believe that walking the path of coming to truly understand the mind, consciousness, and reality—those aspects of our lived experience that lie at the root of all our happiness and suffering, all of our joys and sorrows— is the greatest service I can offer to the world at this time.

So I am delighted to now have the priceless opportunity to dedicate myself full-time to Dharma practice at the Center for Contemplative Research, and to live a life that is aligned with simplicity, contentment and genuine well-being.My aspiration is to help others find the “how” when it comes to skillfully living a life that brings about greater and greater freedom from all of our mental and emotional baggage that we often carry around subconsciously all our lives. My hope is to discover for myself a way to release all that gets in the way of our innate love and wisdom and to share that with others.It is important to me that this service to others comes from my own direct experience of these truths and not simply from what I’ve read or heard. This is why I feel the deep need to retreat from the world temporarily to dedicate myself to full-time practice in order to ultimately better serve the world and make a deeper contribution from a place of authentic insight and transformation.
I wish you all the blessings and good fortune imaginable, and from my heart, I encourage you all to take the journey within (in whatever way works for you) with joy and courage!
As I will be engaging in this type of retreat lifestyle for some time, I will be relying on the generosity of other like-minded people to continue this work. If you wish to support my basic retreat expenses, please click below to make a donation of any amount. I so deeply appreciate your support.With love and gratitude,

Thank you!

If you would like to support my retreat at the Center for Contemplative Research, you can make a personal gift to me through PayPal (non tax-deductible) of a one-time amount, or a monthly donation.Your support allows me to continue to practice full-time with wholehearted dedication.I pray my efforts will be of benefit!